Adjusting the electrode strap length and tightness

Adjusting the electrode strap length and tightness

What is the proper length of the belt for me?

Measure you chest size below the pecs/breasts. Adjust the Beat2Phone ECG strap to be significantly shorter than you chest size for tight fit to achieve good electrode skin contact.
For example:
80cm chest 65-68 cm strap
100cm chest 72-77cm strap
130cm chest 84-93 cm strap

The strap can be adjusted from 65-93cm to fit chest 78-145cm. Instructions for shortening or lengthening the belt are found below.

How to shorten the strap?

To shorten the strap, pull a loop (A) of the strap through the adjustment clip (B) so that the lenght (L) is decreased. Lock the loop (A) with a safety pin (C) to prevent it from slipping back through the clip (B).

How to lengthen the strap?

To lenghten the strap, take a strip (22cm) of cloth ribbon, fold it in half (A) and attach it to the looped end of the strap with a safety pin. You get a 103cm long strap that extends up to 155 cm. In case more extension is needed, take a longer strip of cloth.