How the December 3 service break affects customers

How the December 3 service break affects customers

Dear Customer,

Our service is down since December 3, 2020 at 10:50.
We have identified a security vulnerability in the Beat2Phone ECG mobile application related to our cloud service.
Due to this problem, we will have to shut down our cloud service for approximately two weeks.
You can still take measurements with the Beat2Phone ECG, but unfortunately, these measurements do not go to our cloud service for time being.
We will provide situation updates as necessary.

Effects on customers

Existing users who have an existing user profile can continue recording their ECG without issues. Recordings can be viewed from the mobile application. Old recordings that have been uploaded to the cloud service are still visible and can be viewed through the cloud service. New measurements cannot be currently uploaded to the cloud service, and new user profiles cannot be created. In addition, the active profile in the mobile application cannot be changed, and users and recordings cannot be transferred from one mobile device to another. Users and recordings cannot be fetched from the could service to the mobile application. User profile settings cannot be modified.

We apologize for the situation.
More info: [email protected]