Beat2Phone ECG Analytics Service license

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You can purchase an additional analysis service that is based on a medical CE-marked algorithm (Cardiolyse Oy, CE0197) that identifies and pinpoints findings on the ECG measurements.

ATTENTION: Algorithm findings are not intended to be the sole means of diagnosis for any abnormal ECG. They are offered to physicians on an advisory basis only, in conjunction with the physician’s knowledge of ECG.

Note: The analysis service is only available for the new Beat2Phone ECG sensor and Android application.

Price for the service:
1 month license – 10 €
6 month license – 50 € ( 8,40 €/ month )
12 month license – 80 € ( 6,70 €/month )

You can activate the analysis service once the license payment has been made and you have received an email with the license code and instructions.

You can buy the analysis service licence for your Beat2Phone ECG only from these following countries – Countries >>

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