An innovative solution for healthcare professionals to monitor heart symptoms and arrhythmias


Beat2Phone enables both short and long-term ECG registration. The application can be used in the healthcare operation unit or at the patient’s home.
Beat2Phone also registers arrhythmias that the patient does not notice themselves, e.g. when sleeping or moving.

The Beat2Phone ECG meter wirelessly (BLE) transmits the ECG curve to the mobile device, where it can be viewed in real time on the screen of the mobile device using the mobile application and the measurement can be saved to the mobile device. The ECG recordings made by the patient are transferred to the healthcare professional’s cloud service, from where the professional can view and analyze the ECG recordings with the help of an algorithm. The algorithm detects extra beats, conduction times, arrhythmias, conduction disorders, heart rate variability and stress index.

For the use of health care units, we offer a comprehensive service concept, which consists of measuring equipment and a professional cloud and analysis service.

The measuring equipment is already packed in the examination briefcase given to the patients. The briefcase contains a sensor, an electrode belt, a charging pad, a phone (only suitable for taking an ECG measurement and transferring it to the cloud) and a phone charger.

Cloud service for professionals includes ECG analysis algorithm marking service and reports. During the measurement period, it is possible to do remote monitoring, such as viewing the measurements made using the cloud service. After the measurement period, a summary report of the entire period, a single measurement or printouts of the episodes can be taken. ECG recordings stored in the cloud service are easily accessible and easy to view, save, print for the patient, and attach to the medical record. The service provides a ready report, speeding up the expert’s work in confirming the diagnosis. In addition, the service includes initial training and technical support.

Beat2Phone is the most customer-friendly device on the market for continuous short-term and long-term ECG registration. The advantage for the customer/patient is that the user can start and stop the measurement themselves without a healthcare professional. ECG recording is unobtrusive and effortless, so registration does not interfere with daily routines.

A resource- and cost-effective solution

Beat2Phone is an easy and light way to identify possible symptoms and to find out whether the underlying cause of the symptom is a cardiac problem or some other reason.

The use of the system saves, for example, in clear cases of atrial fibrillation, the resources of doctors and nursing staff of both primary care and specialized medical care. The diagnosis and decision about treatment or the need for further research can be made immediately using the cloud service without waiting for a specialist’s opinion, or the opinion can be requested remotely. Atrial fibrillation detected at an early stage reduces the number of cerebral infarction patients and thus saves healthcare costs and resources.

In addition to resource and cost efficiency, Beat2Phone increases patient satisfaction and reduces extra visits to the healthcare unit. Often, the patient’s arrhythmia has ended by the time the patient reaches the healthcare facility. This causes several visits to health care before the cause of the feeling can be registered. By offering the patient a Beat2Phone ECG recording device, additional healthcare visits can be reduced and ECG measurements during symptoms can be registered.

Beat2Phone is a service package designed for healthcare professionals, which can be used for examination and diagnosis in primary healthcare, specialized healthcare, private healthcare, home care and research work.

1. Healthcare organizations in both the private and public sectors can use Beat2Phone to record, examine and diagnose arrhythmias and sensations in patients with cardiac symptoms. The device is also perfectly suited for follow-up of heart procedures and cerebral infarction in the treatment unit or at home. Beat2Phone can also be used as part of a medical check-up.

2. Occupational health care units can use Beat2Phone to investigate and diagnose heart problems and assess stress and recovery.

3. Providers of home care and services for the elderly can record patients’ cardiac sensations and symptoms at home or in a care facility. Due to Beat2Phone’s ease of use, patient examination and possible diagnosis can be done at home without sending the patient separately to a healthcare unit.

4. Insurance companies can offer extended service personal insurance to customers as a preventive measure. For example, early detection of atrial fibrillation can prevent the more serious complication of cerebral infarction. Beat2Phone can be used to improve customer satisfaction, offer health-promoting services and reduce the insurance company’s compensation costs.

5. Pharmaceutical companies and researchers can use Beat2Phone to monitor the health status of subjects during research.