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BEAT2PHONE ECG SENSOR (only for Android)

We are pleased to offer the cloud service (without anomaly detection service) free of charge until the end of February 2021 to everyone who buys the new Beat2Phone ECG sensor. After that, using the cloud service will require a paid license. The cloud service allows viewing and commenting saved ECG graphs.

– Beat2Phone ECG-sensor
– One (1) chest belt
– Charger
– Mobile application (currently only for Android)
– Quick Guide

NOTE: Beat2Phone ECG sensor can currently only be used with Android mobile devices, not iOS. iOS support will be available in spring 2021.

You can order the Beat2Phone ECG sensor (CE-marked medical device, CE0598) only from the following countries Countries

– See the FAQ -page for application compatibility with different mobile devices.

Belt length
– Length of the belt without tightening: 65 – 90 cm
– Properly tightened: 74 – 115 cm

The product is delivered by Mail The delivery prices are:
– Delivery in Finland, price: 16 € incl VAT 24% VAT 24%
– Delivery in the EU, price: 24 € incl VAT 24% VAT 24%

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BEAT2PHONE ECG ANOMALY DETECTION SERVICE (only for the new Beat2Phone ECG sensor)

Note: The anomaly detection service requires the new Beat2Phone ECG sensor and Android application. It will not work with the old Beat2Phone sensor or application.

You can purchase an additional anomaly detection service that is based on a medical CE-marked algorithm* that identifies and pinpoints findings on the ECG measurements.

ATTENTION: Algorithm findings are not intended to be the sole means of diagnosis for any abnormal ECG. They are offered to physicians on an advisory basis only, in conjunction with the physician’s knowledge of ECG.

Price for the service:
1 month license – 10 €
6 month license – 50 € ( 8,40 €/ month )
12 month license – 80 € ( 6,70 €/month )

NOTE: The anomaly detection service is intended only for private consumers and only for non-commercial purposes.

You can activate the anomaly detection service once the license payment has been made and you have received an email with the license code and instructions.

You can buy the Beat2Phone ECG anomaly detection service license only from these following countries – Countries >>

*Cardiolyse Oy, CE0197



The CE-marked (CE0598) Beat2Phone ECG Belt is the same for all Beat2Phone ECG sensors.

An extra belt is necessary when multiple people use the same ECG -sensor. With a worn belt, there may be errors in the measurement results, so we recommend replacing the worn collar with a new one at regular intervals.

Belt length
– Length of the belt without tightening: 65 – 90 cm
– Properly tightened: 74 – 115 cm

The product is delivered by Mail Delivery prices are (price max 5 pcs):
– Delivery in Finland, price: 8 € incl VAT 24% VAT 24%
– Delivery in EU price: 12 € incl VAT 24% VAT 24%

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